What NOT To Do If You Have Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are often confused with termites as they leave surprisingly similar destructive indicators. Both of them will damage the wood in your home. The termite eats wood while the carpenter ant merely tunnels through it to create a warren of tunnels for it to live in;

The result is the same, your wood is damaged, weakened, and possibly causing structural integrity issues.

One thing you should do if you think you have a problem with carpenter ants is to call your local exterminator. They can assess the issue and deal with it appropriately. A reputable local firm will be fast, efficient, and effective.

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What NOT To Do If You Have Carpenter Ants
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In the meantime, here’s what not to do if you have carpenter ants:

Assume You Have Termites

As mentioned the two pests are similar in the damage they cause. Fortunately, termites are white ants while carpenter ants are big black ants. However, treating the issue requires the right approach. That’s why it’s important that you know which type you are dealing with and take the necessary precautions.

Ignoring Them

Termites are controlled by their hunger, limiting the amount of damage they will do to your home. But, carpenter ants create tunnels to live in. There is no limit to how many tunnels they can use. That means they can keep creating holes in your wood almost continuously.

The result can be significant damage in a surprisingly short space of time.

If you see carpenter ants in or around your home assume you have an infestation. You may also see the crawling out of holes or cracks in and around your home, hear them in your walls. They make rustling noises or even see the piles of wood shavings.

The sooner you deal with the issue the less damage they will cause.

If You Have Carpenter Ants
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Using DIP Techniques

There is always a place for the DIY approach. However, when you’re dealing with carpenter ants you need to be aware that the ants you see are merely a small part of the colony. Using traditional DIY treatments may remove the ants you can see but it’s unlikely to kill the ants in the colony.

To do that effectively you need to use professional pesticides, which your local pest control company will have.

Failing To Call A Pest Control Company

The professional pest control company has the knowledge and resources to quickly and effectively deal with your carpenter ant issue. While it is tempting to handle the issue yourself, the pest control company knows what they are doing and will provide guarantees that the carpenter ants are gone.

This means you’ll prevent further damage from happening.

Forgetting Prevention

The most important thing to do after eliminating carpenter ants is to make sure new ones can move in.

If you don’t take this step you’ll be dealing with carpenter ants every year. You can prevent them from returning by sealing all gaps and cracks, especially around windows and doors. Keep your food in airtight containers, always clean up straight after making a mess, and keep your trees and bushes trimmed, preventing the ants from getting close to your home;



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