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Modern Cabin Interior Design – In this modern day, we sure are dreaming about having a beautiful house. So, it is a common thing that the people use effort, energy and even spent all of their money to make a comfort beautiful house. As we know, that there are a quotes said “home sweet home”.

So, it is normal if everyone wants as beautiful and as comfort as possible. In order to make the house as beautiful as possible, people usually have designed their interior of their house. Interior design is the art to enhance the interior of a building. In order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the owner.

One of the most designed houses is a cabin. Cabin is a small shelter or house, made of wood that usually situated in a wild or remote area. There are many people that love to live in a cabin in woods because they love a quite place to have a clearer mind. In this article, we will talk about excellent log cabin interior design you can apply into your cabin.

Thematic log Cabin

Usually, log cabin has a purpose. People build them for camping, hunting, skiing or other similar activity. So, first thing you can think about your hobby, your favorite things or other thing that give you a pleasant feel.

There are a lot of themes that you can choose, based on your hobby or based on what is popular at the time. You can choose a cabin interior design theme from the most popular or top search of the internet, such as nature, wildlife, lakes, lodge, western ranches and many more.

Each of those log cabins idea are absolutely looks amazing beside easily achieved with appropriate fabrics, furniture or decorative accessories. Beside choose of one theme, you may also combine various themes that you like. For example, you can choose a log cabin décor for each room at your cabin. So you may get a different experience in each room of your cabin.

Start with cabin ceiling and the walls

First thing before you do anything is to think about a genuine log cabin. What is it made of? How exactly does it look? Mostly, log cabins’ exterior is made of wooden logs with recognizable texture and rounded panels. On the other hand, wall, the log cabin interior design, doesn’t have to be wooden.

You may use any cover and wall skin you like, as long as you try to make it look authentic. For example, you may obtain a rugged and natural appearance with horizontal groove-wood panels, covered with pine or red cedar.

And for the log cabin colors, it recommended to choose warm and natural shades, such as walnut, orange, beige, brown, golden, or darker blue. And if you want to look more professional, you can try applying v-joint paneling, which will match the ceiling/walls; and complete the cabin look with a genuine log beams.

Flooring and Windowing

Natural colors and wide planks are ideal for a log cabin’s flooring. But their high price becomes the most drawback factor. So, you may look for another alternative which cost significantly cheaper but have the same effect (laminate, for instance). Durability is the best side to have the floor laminate, as well as easy installation and scratch – resistance.

Also, you may enrich the beautiful and authentic look with window layers that bring a slice of the wooden exterior inside the log cabin room. Consider using wooden with tiny slats which can protect your privacy but they still manage to let the right amount of sunlight in the rooms.

A dark curtain or you can also choose the ones with impressive finial such as leaf or pinecone, as well as heavy drapes with catchy prints could also contribute to the cabin interior design. So, just make sure to design the floor and window as good as possible.

Appropriate Lighting for Cabin Interior Design

A cabin has the power to enhance pleasant and welcoming feel and also associated with light. Proper lighting fixtures and light have an important role when it comes to mood and rustic decoration. With n excellent lighting, you can get a result of a cozy cabin interior.

First, you have to think something more than standard lighting. Think of lighting that gives you a dramatic light that influences both eyes and soul. You can use antler chandeliers hanging at the high ceiling with lamps made of birch bark or even metal candlestick that give you your memories.

Another important thing is that you shouldn’t use anything like LED batteries or neon bulbs because you should make the interior of cabin interior design as natural as possible.

Furnishing a log Cabin Interior

As we all know, cabin style furnishing has nothing to do with contemporary interior design. You have to know that a rustic contemporary cabin interior design is authentic, rugged and ‘dusty’. With proper furniture, they can help in bringing the nature inside the cabin.

You may use unfinished wood for your cabinets, tables, or cabinets and also you can decorate your cabin with fur and genuine logs. Match your furniture with your cabinet theme. For example, if you do hunting and have a cabin based on your hobby, you may also attach animal – inspired decorations or whatever related to wildlife and nature.

Fireplace in Cabin Interior

A fireplace made of stone and bricks is the most common feature inside a cabin house. People built them for resembling genuine rocks, with stacked – stone for the basis and a hoarse wooden mantel for the covering. The thing is that to build this you should have a much budget.

So, if you have no enough budgets, you can always buy a more practical electric fireplace. You can get it easily on the online shop while you browse for a cabin interior design inspiration. Somehow, cabin living rooms with a fireplace always become one of the coziest spaces to come home to.

Those are some of cabin interior design you can try at your home.

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