4 Kitchen Interior Design Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

If you have the small kitchen, then you shall be wise when you decide the best kitchen interior design ideas for your kitchen.

It is because you don’t want your kitchen to be a very narrow place and decreasing your mood on cooking.

So, before you start to prepare the budget and renovating your small kitchen, you must know some rules on the good kitchen interior design.

At first, understand the mistakes you shall avoid designing and renovating the kitchen:

1. Poor Kitchen Lighting


No matter how good your kitchen cabinet or how wonderful the decoration on the kitchen, all are nothing when you put the poor lighting.

The dim lighting will make your kitchen seems so scary and decrease your mood every time you come into the kitchen.

Even though the poor lighting is the big mistake, but it is easy to be fixed. Here are ways to fix it:

  • Buy the lamps with sufficient watt so that your kitchen will look shinier and fresher.
  • Cover the lamp with magnificent fixtures so that the lighting will be more marvelous. The great fixture can make the ordinary lamp become extraordinary.

2. Too Much Open Shelving


Open shelving is a good idea to make your kitchen look more spacious. It is also more economist than cabinets.

But, putting too much open shelving is not good small kitchen ideas.

Too much open shelving will make your kitchen seems messy. Of course, not everything is good to be shown in the kitchen.

Some stuff is better to hide. For example, the dull bottle sauce, or the sprinkles inside a plastic.

Put only one or two open shelving. Only display the proper stuff in those open shelving.

3. Not Preparing The Kitchen Midden

It is actually the most important thing in the kitchen. Because you will waste much trashes when you cook.

If you don’t prepare the proper kitchen midden, then you are in big trouble.

So, prepare the place to waste your garbage. You can use the trash can to do it.

Choose the trash can that is easy to be cleaned, or covers it with the plastic bag so you can easy to waste all the trash.

Don’t only use the plastic bag as the trash, because it will easily spoiled and it is not good for the kitchen ambiance.

4. Huge Kitchen Island


The kitchen island is actually a good place to make your kitchen more alive. The kitchen island was also good to put much stuff or to keep the storage.

And as a big table (sometimes completed with chairs), it can be a good place to get together with your friends or families.

But, having a huge kitchen island may be something you will regret in your small cooking area.

It can make your kitchen become narrower and it is difficult for you to do some activities inside your kitchen.

Those are the big mistakes to avoid when you decide to make the kitchen interior design.

You may look for the marvelous design ideas on the internet, but make sure all of them suit your kitchen.



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