How to Paint a Wall

Just like a face, a house wall sometime expresses the host’s mood.  A vibrant wall color inspires fun and easy-going living of the owner. A calm and subdued color represents an established family. A dull and dark wall color only makes you creep under the bed and sob silently. Et cetera.

Want to change the house’s atmosphere? Change the wall color. To add the fun, do it yourself. How to paint a wall? Yes, even painting a wall can be daunting for the beginners. And looking onto the professional painter’s result, you’ll even more daunted. But, we hope that’s not your cases. Here we have outlined some important steps to paint a wall. Let’s see.

How to Paint a Wall Easy Steps

Prepare the Wall

As you are about to paint a wall, you need to make sure that the surface is clean of stains, dirt or dust. Be sure that you’ve patched the holes or cracks as well. Fill the holes with caulk or similar materials. The primmer can fill small cracks or holes. If the wall have peeled old paint, you need to get rid of it too.

Sanding is the next step, as it will guarantee the smoothness of the wall. It help to clean the wall from small bumps or persistent dirt. After sanding, clean the wall with damp soft cloth. It will get rid of the dirt particles which still left. For grease stains, clean them with a TSP (trisodium phosphate)-based cleaner.

Cover the House Items

Before painting the wall, be sure to cover all the stuff or goods that you don’t want to get stained or splattered accidentally when painting. If you plan to paint the exterior wall, cover the windows, doors, gas meter, or other object near or on the wall. If you want to paint the interior, cover the furniture, light switch, power plug, and light fixtures.  If the house has baseboards, you cover them as well. Use canvas tarp or plastic for the furniture. As for the stuff on the wall (light switch, power plug, etc.) use painter tape. Don’ forget to cover the floor as well, use crop cloth. 

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About the Tools

You won’t get a professional paint’s level if you only have a brush and a bucket of paint. There are several indispensable tools you need to get professional-looking wall painting. A brush is a must. You also need a good quality roller (also a must). A paint pole is optional, as you can use your broom handle. Drop cloth or canvas tarps are also your optional choice, as you can always pick old newspapers as the substitute. But you really need sand paper as it crucial for the first step. And don’t forget about the paint tray.  Your roller will get a consistent layer of paint with it. 

Choose the Paint

As about the color, it depends on your choice. Feel free to get your favorite colors and applied it on your walls. As for the luster, you can have the matte paint color or the glossy one. Now you even can have the semi-glossy paint.

If you want a charming and elegant room, as a part of how to pain a wall tips, choose matte paint. The motivated people love glossy paints for their interior or exterior wall. Sophisticated look needs semi-glossy (sometimes called satin look) paint.

All in all, if you need to paint durable exterior wall painting, choose acrylic paints. Or even better, find the elastomeric paints. For the interior, water-based paint will do well for less trafficked area like bedroom. Area with high traffic needs oil-based paints. They are durable and easy to clean. 

If you still don’t know of what color combination for your favorite color, ask the experts in the nearest paint shop. You can also the internet for better color combination as well. You are also suggested to collect some paint testers, to get a touch of the real paint color on your wall.

Where to Start?

As you have find the right paint, now let’s move into the painting step. As a simple rule, start your painting from the top. So if you want to paint a room entirely, start with the ceiling. Once finished, do the upper trims. And then you begin to paint the walls.

To begin the wall painting, you need to do the cut in first. The step includes careful paint trimming at the edge of the wall (top or bottom), the tight areas separating the wall area with the ceiling (or its trimmings). Use paint brush to do the job. Once finished, roll the wall beneath (or above, depends on the area painted) the cut in area, partially overlapping it. So do not wait till the cut in dry, because it will not blend with rolled paint well.  

For the wide area of the wall, move the paint up and down in tight W pattern. Move continuously. So there’s no chance of leaving tide marks on the wall. Do for all the rest of wall areas. These approaches also apply to the exterior wall.

As finishing, use the paint brush to brush the areas which unreachable with your roller. If you want to give another coat, wait till the paint dry completely. For oil-based paint, it will need around 8 hours to dry fully. And you need another 24 hours to give another coat. A latex-based paint will dry in an hour, and you can cover it with other coat in about 4 hours.

The Cleaning

Now you have finished the wall painting. While waiting for the paint to dry, you need to clean the tools. Some of the tools are reusable. These include the paints, paint brush, paint roller, paint tray, paint pole, plastic/canvas tarp, and drop cloth. If you use water-based paint, clean the brush or roller cover with a mixture of warm water and detergent. Brush or roller cover recently used for oil-based paint should be cleaned with kerosene or spirit liquid. Rinse the tools well. Let them dry completely before storing. 

Photo Wall Art Ideas

After all the tools stored, now it’s time to open all the cover and tapes. And enjoy your works. Feel the splendid air of your newly painted wall. With this little article, we hope that now you have had grasped the gist of how to paint a wall yourself. And ready to paint the house anew.



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