How to Paint a House Interior

How to Paint a House Interior – Boost your positive mood with colors. It’s been known for ages that colors can affects your mental conditions. That’s why, for example, a cartoon movie comes with playful color or a horror movie have dark color tones with it. Color just can affect your mood.

So, now if you feel depressed in your own home, it probably you need to repaint the interior. Give it a new color, and feel the new good mood revived in you. If you still don’t know how to paint a house interior, here we offer you several basic tips. So, the next time you want to paint your house you can act like a pro painter. Let’s begin this tips of how to paint a house interior.

Easy Steps : How to Paint a House Interior

How to Paint a House Interior

Note Your Color Needs

You want to paint the house interior, so you need to make a visual note (and then paper note) on what you should do to make it better. You need to consider the colors. Not only colors themselves, as a tip of how to paint a house interior, you also need to think about their relation with the windows, doors, sunlight, and trims. Don’t forget, you should consider the finish as well (whether you want it painted glossy, semi-glossy, or matte).

As for the colors, if your purpose of interior repainting is for your mood, then choose your favorite colors. If you want it repainted to rise the property value, neutral colors are the safest. They’re loved almost by all.  Those colors are also blend nicely with any of your furniture or decorations. This also applies with light colors.

As a tip of how to paint a house interior, glossy paint finishes are better at heavily trafficked rooms. They are easy to clean, though they can’t hide blemish better. Use this type of paint in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room with heavy activities. Flat or matte colors work well to cover any blemish, though they’re harder to clean. The flat paints are suitable for ceiling or wide panel walls.

Estimate Your Painting Area

After considering the right paint colors for the interior, now you need to estimate how many gallons or cans of paints you need. This will have to make you do a little math. Because it includes the room area covered. As average room has square wall panels, then you can guess the area by multiplying its sides (a face of wall: width x height; while ceiling: width X length). As a tip of how to paint a house interior, Don’t forget to include windows, doors, and trimmings into account. You need to subtract your estimation with those factors. With this note, you could estimate the amount of paint for your interior (plus the budget needed, minus the tools).

The Tools

For this house interior painting job, apart the paints, you’ll need some supplies: drop cloths, painter’s tape, paint brush, step ladder, roller paint, roller pole, paint tray, and damp rag. If you want to move the furniture out of the interior for this job, as a tip of how to paint a house interior, you’ll also need a crew.

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The Prep

Before painting the interior, you should clean its wall. This cleaning session includes removing the wallpaper (if any), all the old chipping paints, and smoothing the wall.

First, as a tip of how to paint a house interior, you need to scrape off any old and chipped paints. Then marks the cracks, crevices, or any holes. You have to smooth them all with could. Use the putty knife to flatten the caulk. If you want to have optimal result, remove the power outlet plates and all the light switch face plates. But for practical reasons, you also can tape them with painter’s tape. Along with it, you should tape for trimmings. After all is done, put drop clots on the floor.

Now it’s time to sand the wall. This sanding will make the wall fatter. It also remove the stains or greases on the wall. As a tip of how to paint a house interior, use 120-grit sandpaper for the job.  The sanding will make the overall finish more stand out. After sanding, clean the wall with damp cloth. Wait to dry completely before move to the next steps. As a note, don’t forget to open all the windows when you work, as this step’s full of dust and dirt. And you always need fresh air.

Put Primer on the Wall

If you want to paint different paint colors over the old one, as a tip of how to paint a house interior, then you need to put primer on the wall. With the primer as a base, you won’t have to makes several layers to make the new color stands out. You want to paint fresh interior wall? Then you also need primer, for the same reasons. As now you can get tinted primer, match the tinting with your new paint’s color. This will give nice results. If you want to stay neutral, use the regular white primer. Not all the parts need sanding. But if you don’t want take a risk of blemish, stains, or, blotchy colors (mainly if you have dark colors previously), the prime the wall. After the primer dries out, sand the wall to make the primer even smoother. Don’t forget to clean the sandpaper dust with damp cloth.

The Painting Begins

Where to start? As a tip of how to paint a house interior, then you start from the biggest room in the house. The biggest room often accompanied with bigger challenges. Put your effort to handle all this problems first. After the largest room completed, you’ll feel easier to do the smaller rooms.

Start the painting from the corner areas. For the purpose use angled brush (size 2 inch). You need this brush because the roller won’t get to the areas completely. For the rest of the areas, use the roller. If the areas too high, use the paint pole.

Gallery Painting a House Interior

To get the finest result, move the roller from top to bottom in tight W pattern. Be sure to paint it evenly. Overlap the paint as the previously laid paint’s still wet. This will prevent the lap marks which would make the color bad. Do the painting section by section to get a better result.

After you finish the painting, as a tip of how to paint a house interior, don’t forget to remove the tape. You also need to fix the plug and light switches again, remove the drop cloth and move the furniture back into the room. Your first painting job’s completed. Now enjoy your works and make your family impressed.



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