How to Paint a House Exterior

How to Paint a House Exterior – Just like a body needs a good and charming attire every sometimes, your house exterior also needs a new look occasionally. Apart from its fresh new look, it also boost your mood. It gives the needed visual impact to make your day always fresh and positive. Furthermore, it also gives you the pride, as it’s you who paint the house itself.

Don’t know how to paint a house exterior? Here we have several basic tips to follow if you have the plan to paint your house exterior some other time. Let’s see.

Easy Steps : How to Paint a House Exterior

How to Paint a House Exterior

The Preparation

You may think that painting a house exterior is a straightforward job. You only need to buy some rollers and gallons of favorite paints, and then get into action. You paint those gallons of paint onto your wall. That’s Ok. But you’ll be guaranteed to have uneven colors, mildew, and stains still cling to your wall, behind the new paint coat. If you don’t want to have those problems and want the sheen of those pro painters’ works, as a tip of how to paint a house exterior, prepare the exterior wall before painting.

A good looking paint needs a good smooth surface to cling to. So, clean the wall before painting. If you want to paint fresh plaster/stucco wall, then let the wall to sits for at least a month to get cured completely. If you want to repaint the exterior, you need to inspect the surface flaws first. See if you find stains, chipped paints, paints peeling, mildew, or other problems.  Get rid of the mildew with a mixture of chlorine bleach. Do it with garden sprayer or the similar. Scrape off the chipped or peeled paints. Then do a water pressure cleaning to the wall surface to remove all the dirt.    

Patching and Caulking

As you already have a clean exterior wall, then you can see clearly the cracks, holes, or crevices that need to get patched. Not only on the wall, as a tip of how to paint a house exterior, you also need to inspect the areas arounds door frames and window frames as well. Don’t forget to inspect the fascia boards and the sidings (if any) too. About the problems on the wall, you need to caulk them. Use putty knife to make the caulk flat on the wall.  For the wood fascia and sidings, replace them if find any signs of rotting. For the rest, sand them down to clean the surfaces off the dirt, dust, or chipped paints. 


After all is clean and patched, as a tip of how to paint a house exterior, now it’s time to cover the wall with primer. If you want the best painting finish, find a good quality wall primer. Don’t forget to primer the wood sidings and fascia boards as well during this step.

A good primer, made of quality resin, can seal all the stuff beneath it, so the new paint gets a new sound base to stick to. This also won’t suck the paint. So you’ll have more efficient area per gallon of paint, because you won’t have to make several coats just as when you paint without primer (the paint will be absorbed by wall, mainly if you paint a fresh wall).   

If you want to repaint a wall with chalky condition, as a tip of how to paint a house exterior, choose primer with chalky sealer type. This applies to a dusty wall as well. Your new paint won’t get stuck to the chalky or dusty wall. A hot stucco primer is good for stucco that’s not entirely dry. With this primer you won’t have to wait for long curing time and can paint it right after the primer dries.

Choose the Paint

You need to be extra patient for this step, as this is your most important one. If you have already had the color choice, then it’s good. You need only to find the suitable brands. If you still have the clues, spent your time driving around your neighborhood or town to find inspiration from any house you passed by. The Internet also provides good exterior paint inspirations.

You’ll find many exterior paints to choose. As a how to paint a house exterior tip, find paint with 100% acrylic latex. The paint type will be good for the exterior house. You’ll also see the budget products and premium (or super-premium) products. Choose as your budget allowed. As for the finish, you have glossy finish and matte or flat finish. If you love the glossy paint, you need to remember that this paint’s glossy look won’t stay long. It faded faster than the matte one.     

Make sure that the color of your choice complement your overall house look. The paint should look good with the existing bricks, stones, or any other wall accents. It also should look better with the roof. You should also make sure that the paint in line with the color regulations outlined by your local building department (if the department has any rules about it).

Start to Paint

For the exterior house painting, you need paint brushes, paint rollers, and a paint spray. You can always paint it with roller and paint brushes. Of course, if you have plenty of time. If you want to make it quick, you need a friend to help you with paint spraying or (if you do the spraying) paint rolling.  This method, called Spray and Roll, makes your exterior wall painting quick and smooth.

Gallery Painting a House Exterior

Be sure to cover the windows, doors, or the wall accents before doing the Spray and Roll. In This method, as one of tips of how to paint a house exterior, you’ll need to work together with your friend. As the sprayer begins to spray the paint, the roller follow him/her. Once the paint sprayed evenly on the wall, the roller move in to smooth the paint.  Do this to all sections of the outer house. This will make the finish even and smoother. For the parts unreachable with the roller and paint, use a paint brush. Do the method 2 times for 2 coatings and better finish result. Be sure wait the first coat dry completely before layering the second coat. Lastly, don’t forget to paint the sidings, fascia boards, and other wood accessories.

That’s all the basic tips of how to paint a house exterior. We hope those tips will be sufficient to help you to tackle all the paint jobs on your next house exterior painting project.



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