15+ Awesome Animals Starting With K | Pictures and Description

Animals That Start with K – Kangaroo, koala, kingfisher and killer whale are several of the more prominent animals whose names start with the letter K.

Nonetheless, there are a loads a lot more names, one could include to the list. Below is a compilation of 10 even more intriguing “K” pets.


Kouprey – Animals That Start with K

Kouprey (Bos sauveli), is a wild ungulate discovered in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia as well as Thailand. It stays in open rolling hills, dry denser gale woodland.

The adult males grow to concerning 2 m in elevation and also typical 900 kg in weight. Kouprey has a big body with a bulge on the back as well as hanging loosened skin in the neck.

It has long horns, long legs, vast nose as well as short ears. Males are black while females are gray. Kouprey is diurnal as well as its major diet regimen is lawn. Inning accordance with the 2008 IUCN report, the kouprey is seriously jeopardized.

Kouprey’s populace in the wild is estimated to be around 250 people. The decreasing number is due generally to unchecked searching as well as loss of environment.


Kakapo – Animals That Start with K

The Kakapo (Strigops habroptila), is a big, flightless parrot citizen only to New Zealand. The only nocturnal parrot and the globe’s heaviest parrot, with adult males maturing to 60 centimeters high as well as weigh around 2 and 4 kilograms.

The Kakapo’s upperparts has yellow-colored moss-green tuft with black or brown grey areas. The face, neck and belly are mostly yellow-colored, with pale eco-friendly or brownish-grey places. It has large brownish eyes, big grey beak, huge feet, brief legs and also short wings.

Kakapo’s are herbivores, with its diet being composed generally of fruits, leaves, stems, origins and seeds of numerous neighborhood plants. The Kakapo is seriously endangered; with just 122 people recorded since February 2010.


Koi – Animals That Start with K

Words “Koi” is the Japanese name for carp that includes both the tinted varieties and also the dull-gray ones. The koi being referred in English is ‘Nishikigoi’ in Japan, literally “brocaded carp”.

These ‘Nishikigoi’ are durable, eye-catching, as well as tamed cold-water fish. Koi can be found in various color patterns such as white, yellow, red, lotion, blue as well as black.

An omnivorous fish, Koi prey on different food kinds including peas, lettuce, and also watermelon. Koi can live for centuries and also like most fish, they recreate via spawning.


Krill – Animals That Start with K

Krill or euphausiids, are shrimp-like aquatic shellfishes abounding in all seas of the world. These pink, clear invertebrate has a difficult exoskeleton including the Cephalon (head), the thorax, and the abdominal area.

Krill has a pair of antennae as well as a number of pairs of thoracic legs. They are about 6 cm long and also weigh regarding 1 g.

A recognized herbivore, krill diet plan includes phytoplankton and single-celled plants. They subsequently are the primary staple food of aquatic pets. Krill can live in the wild for 5 years or more.


Kiskadee – Animals That Start with K

The Kiskadee is a tiny passerine bird of the flycatcher widespread in Texas as well as South America. It stays in thickets, woodland sides, orchards, open woodland and parks.

Kiskadee is so little, that adult Fantastic Kiskadee standards below 22 centimeters (9 in) long as well as evaluates 63 g (2.2 Oz). Kiskadee has black head with yellow crown red stripe, white eye red stripe and also a short black costs.

Its upperparts, wings as well as tails are brownish. Kiskadee is omnivorous; its diet consists of drinking bugs like grasshoppers, moths, wasp and beetles. At times it additionally eats fish, frogs, reptiles, computer mice along with berries as well as seeds.


Kagu – Animals That Start with K

The Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus), is a flightless bird, forest-dwelling bird native to New Caledonia. The size of a poultry (about 55 cm) long, this crested bird has a bluish-gray tuft, orange bill and also brilliant red legs.

One unique feature of Kagu is its ‘nasal corns’, a distinct structure covering its nostrils. Kagu’s excellent eye vision and the ability to stall on the ground help this carnivorous bird to capture victim.

Its diet regimen consists of snails, annelid worms, vermins, lizards, crawlers, insects beetles and also insects. Kagus are virginal breeders, building its nest on the ground and also laying a solitary egg.

Due to habitat loss and also hunting, the Kagu is currently a threatened bird types with about 250-1000 birds spotted in the wild.


Kinkajou – Animals That Start with K

The Kinkajou (Potos flavus), or the honey bear, is a tiny arboreal and also nighttime creature belonging to Central The U.S.A. and South America. The kinkajou is a medium-sized animal, concerning 42-57cm in body size and weighs as much as 2.72 kg.

It has short, soft brownish hair. It has a long body as well as tail, a rounded head with prominent eyes, sharp teeth, as well as long stretchable tongue.

The kinkajou’s prehensile tail is used for equilibrium while its extended tongue is used for obtaining nectar from flowers.

The Kinkajou’s diet regimen consists of fruits, nectar, leaves and also blossoms. Researches revealed that it additionally eats , honey, bird’s eggs, and also tree-living frogs.



Kudu are African antelope with 2 known types: the Lesser Kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis) and the Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros).

The Greater Kudu occupies forests, dry riverbeds as well as bush lands while Lesser kudus lives arid savannahs. Known for the spiral horns among adult males, these antelope grow in between 100-140 cm high and also evaluate 250 kg.

Kudu are typically fawn-grey, with slim, vertical white red stripes along the sides. Men sport brownish as well as white fringe from the mid-throat down to the suggestion of the neck.

Kudu feed upon yard, roots, leaves, lawn and sometimes fruits and also roots. In the wild, kudu can live 7 to 8 years and approximately 23 years in captivity



Kookaburras are big kingfisher living in woodland lands of Australia as well as New Guinea. Kookaburras ordinary 47 centimeters long and also around 0.5 kg in weight.

They have a tiny yet stout body, brief neck, black costs and also short legs. The upperparts plumage is dark brown while the stomach is white.

A meat-eating bird, Kookaburras feed upon insects, mice, lizards, serpents and also other little birds. Kookaburras are best understood for their rolling, giggling telephone call. In the wild, Kookaburras can meet 20 years.



Katydids also called long-horned insects, belong to the household Tettigoniidae which contains greater than 6,400 types. Around 255 types are discovered in North America, the rest inhabiting the tropical areas of the globe.

They reside in forests, thickets, and also areas. Unlike grasshoppers, katydids have longer antennae, larger regarding 2 inches long, leaf-green in color and have oval-shaped wings.

Likewise, both male and female katydids make sounds. Katydids eat leaves, blossoms, bark, and seeds of trees as well as bushes.





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