5 Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Electricity is a blessing and a curse. There is no doubt that we have become accustomed to the convenience that electric provides. Lights, heat, cooking, and even charging cell phones can all be done at any time of the day or night.

In many ways, electricity is taken for granted. But, when you consider that this convenience is costing you an average of $1,700 per year, you can see why it is important to find new ways to save electricity at home.

The good news is there are many ways to save electricity, you just need to be prepared to make a few changes.

5 Ways to Save Electricity at Home

1. Inspect The Electrics

This may seem like an unusual place to start but there is an excellent reason to get your local electrician Sydney in.

Although you may not realize it, electricity can leak. In many ways it is similar to a swimming pool leaking. You may not notice a tiny leak but over time it will have a significant effect on your electricity bill.

Electrical leakage can occur in appliances or in the wiring. In effect the wiring cables are damaged, allowing the electricity to travel into the wall. It is most likely to happen if the wall is good at conducting electricity.

An inspection will identify any potential issues and allow you to get the repaired, eliminating electrical leakage.

2. Turn Things Off

Electricity still flows through a phone charger that is left plugged in after the phone is fully charged or has been disconnected from the charger.

Again, this is a small amount of electricity but, it doesn’t just add up. Consider how many appliances you have that are left plugged in when not in use, all of these will increase your electricity usage.

3. Consider Solar

If you’re struggling to find ways to reduce electrical usage then you may wish to consider having solar panels fitted. These can create electricity to run your home. The panels can be connected to the main grid, allowing you to resort to the main supply if your electricity runs out.

This ensures you never run out of power but also means that much of what you use will be effectively free. It won’t reduce the amount of electricity you use but it will lower the annual cost.

Of course, you’ll need to balance the savings against the cost of installing the panels and the length of time you’ll benefit from them.

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4. Install A Smart Meter

Smart meters are a great way to look at your engine usage and evaluate it. A smart meter will give you totals for sections of your home or individual appliances. This will enable you to stop using them, use them when the electricity price is lower, or replace them.

5. Upgrade Appliances

A modern appliance can use as much as 70% less electricity than one that is 10 years old! That means you can make a significant saving on your electrical usage and the bill by simply changing the appliances in your home.

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