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Closet Interior Design  – Closets and dressing rooms often get overlooked in interior design. Probably because they’re behind closed doors and guests won’t go there. Plus we don’t spend time in closets, we just go in to get what we need.

But there are big benefits to a well designed, organized closet. First off, you can find things easier and are better able to plan your outfit for the day when you can actually see what you have and everything has its place.

This actually saves you time and makes the whole process more enjoyable. A well planned closet can even save you money. When you know what you have you don’t risk buying something twice, just because it fell behind a pile of something.

Plus, well designed closets are a real finishing touch for any interior scheme. It can really enhance your quality of life. Have a look at some inspiring closets and dressing rooms we found, designed by Clos-ette.


Create a Focal Closet Interior Design

Create a Focal Closet Interior Design

Although this isn’t necessarily the most important thing to consider when getting custom closet ideas, it’s certainly the most fun. When you take a careful look at the walk-in closet designs that grab your attention, you’ll notice that they all seem to have something really striking that immediately makes you go, “wow!”

Focal pieces can be anything, but area rugs or chandeliers are often used as those are two things that instantly add personality without taking up any additional space in an area where every inch counts.

Highlight Your Closet Interior With Great Lighting

There’s certainly nothing “wow” about a dark and dingy broom cupboard, so make sure that you highlight your great taste in clothes with excellent lighting. While natural light is a bonus, many walk-ins make use of artificial lighting instead.

Artificial light, when used correctly, can bathe a walk-in closet in a glamorous, warm hue that says, “try something on and strut your stuff!”. Artificial light should be employed as both ambient lighting for a general glow and accent lighting for specific areas, leaving no dimly-lit corners.




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