New York’s Cuisine

For tourists who are planning to visit New York City, besides going to popular and imposing attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Times Square, et cetera, there are many opportunities to discover, study and experience the unique and diverse cuisine, which is a combination of cultures from around the world.

New York is the most populous city of the US with more than 8 million people in total and most of them are immigrants. That is the reason why its cuisine is very rich and varied. The food here is the subtle fusion of world’s culinary cultures: Italian, Mexican, Jewish, Korean, Spain, Indian, French, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and so on. Therefore, tourists have the freedom of choice to taste every traditional dishes cooked by locals right in the city without traveling to other places. From mobile street food trucks to premium quality restaurants, New York has it all.

Italian Cuisine

Little Italy in New York

New York’s food culture will never be completed if there is no Italian cuisine in it. Tourists can easily find Italian food in Little Italy, Lower Manhattan, next to China town. Follow along Mulberry street, you will see restaurants selling Cannoli cakes and Ravioli dumplings, which are popular dishes in Italian traditional meals. Additionally, many restaurants arrange long rows of tables with red covers in the front for diners to sit and enjoy their meals or simple taste the mouthwatering Spaghetti. If you want some drink, try Jitterbugging coffee for a new flavor.

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish is the largest community in New York City with the region stretches from the Fifth Boulevard to the East river. The Spanish market, WWII La Maquetta includes 200 stalls selling all kinds of food and tropical fruit for Hispanic Americans. In addition, there are mixed dishes of Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican in this area. The “crab cake”, Empanadas or the fruit-flavored drink, Piraguas are some of well-known Mexican specialties in New York City.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Tacos

Mexican food culture in New York is special for its incomparable street food. One particular example is Taco, a hard folded tortilla (thin flat bread) filled with meat, cheese, hot spicy sauce, et cetera. Eating a Taco full of beef, spicy salsa, and drink an iced cold glass of beer is an amazing experience that every tourist must try in New York City. Normally, Tacos are served at food trucks located around the city. However, if you want to have a relaxing time with Tacos and some beer, come visit Brooklyn Bridge. It is the best place for enjoying Taco in New York.

Jewish Cuisine

In New York City, Jewish dishes are also tourist’s favorites. They are served separately in best restaurants of the city. Their reputation attracts a large number of diners and makes them feel very curious about the taste of these appetizing dishes. If you have a chance to try Jewish cuisine, you will absolutely be satisfied with its matchless flavors. Although Jewish food originated from Eastern Europe, it is now a part of New York’s culinary quintessence. When coming to New York, do not forget to try Matzo soup, or Pastrami bacon served with Bagel and cream cheese, which all are Jewish delicacies.

Korean Cuisine

Cuisine plays an important role in Korean special long-standing culture. Their prominent food’s feature is the difference between regions and seasons. Ingredients are also very diverse and colorful. Besides, dishes are prepared delicately and sophisticatedly. Tourists can find Korean food along with karaoke rooms and late night grill restaurants at Koreatown in Midtown Manhattan. Local people really love Gogi Gui, a kind of Korean grilled meat (pork, beef or tripe) served with vegetables.

Black American Cuisine

Black American food is an important part of New York’s cuisine. Their dishes originated from Africa and were introduced from the southern part of America. That is the reason why people call it “Black American food”. Some of the delicacies favored by tourists are grilled chicken, beef steak served with sauce and roasted pig skin, tortillas or Marks cheese.


Pizza in New York

Pizza is one of the must-to-try dishes in New York. Since the appearance in 1990s, New York pizza is very popular and has typical flavors thanks to Italian and European immigrants. It is often baked in old brick kilns as a specific feature of New York’s style. The pizza has a large and thin surface so that people can fold it up to eat and is always covered with a slight greasy layer of cheese and tomato sauce. Ingredients are mostly seafood, beef, pork, onion, hot peppers, and spices.

Tourists can enjoy East Village pizza at Motorino restaurant or traditional Margherita and White pizza at Juliana’s Pizza. John’s restaurant is also one of the best pizza eateries in Brooklyn because of the professional services and typical thin pizza crusts.

Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake is a dessert specialty of New York City. Offered by most restaurants, it is popular due to the classic and simple style with heavy cream or sour cream made from cheese. The cake itself has a variant type: from hard biscuits to cotton cakes. Cheese Cake has a tastily rich flavor, and it is best to be enjoyed with egg cream while sitting down and observing the city’s architecture.



Having a round shape that looks like a donut, Bagel is a traditional cake of New York. It came from Europe and has become a favorite snack since the 19 century. Being made from flour, malt, honey, egg, and yeast, its flavor is unique and very tasty. Sometimes, smoked salmon (salty flavor) or cream cheese (sweet flavor) is added inside the cake to create other special experiences that will absolutely satisfy all food lovers.