European Cuisine

Food belongs to a country’s culture. It is one of the main purposes for every trip. Tourists travel to discover new places, meet new people, understand cultures, and especially, try cuisine. Have you ever been to Europe? Do you plan to visit Europe one day? Is there any food paradise in Europe that fall into your eyesight? This article will help you in deciding the best country for your next cuisine-experience trip to Europe.


Les Halles Market

Lyon is beautiful like a dream. It is one of the most popular European food paradises that has all kinds of appetizing French dishes. There are more than two thousand restaurants in Lyon. Twenty of them own the honorable Michelin stars. Travelers-favorite places in Lyon are small beer restaurants, which offer delicacies from internal organs such as fried tripe. If organs are not favorable, tourists can visit the center food market, Les Halles for enjoying cream cheese, hazelnut candies, tarts, and croissants, along with other sophisticatedly prepared dishes in premium restaurants. Quenelle de Brochet is the must-to-try dish when visiting Lyon. With the similar structure to a big dumpling, it is meticulously processed by skilful cooks. The fine smooth Brochet fish is wrapped by a thin cover made from flour, butter and milk. It is served with shrimp, crab sauce or more luxurious, lobsters sauce.

Lyon is the city where tourists cannot resist from being attacked by delicious cuisine into all senses. In here, food is more than an art. It is a life style.


Cotolette alla Bolognese

When traveling to Europe, in general, or Italy, in particular, Bologna is not much mentioned to tourists like Rome, Venice, or Florence. However, it is a bustling city with numerous and matchless street food restaurants which is considered as the number-one food paradise in Italy by world’s travelers. Bolognese cooks use natural ingredients combined with rustic style in their cooking, which crystallizes into many passionate and incomparable delicacies. The food here is considered as a representative for Italian culinary culture. Many famous Italian specialties can be found here such as Certosino, Cotolette alla Bolognese, Friggione, Bolognese sauce or sausages. Besides, there are other restaurants offering all kinds of traditional Italian dish, from full- course foods to snacks, located at the city’s markets.

Many culinary events are also organized in Bologna for showcasing its local cuisine and giving opportunity to tourists to enjoy numerous specialties from talented Italian cooks.


Fish and Chips

London has a diverse and long-standing food culture. Being acknowledged as one of the most well-known food paradises in Europe, dishes here are cooked and prepared very carefully following the British royal style, which cannot be seen in any other country. Additionally, London’s culinary art becomes more and more popular and incomparable thanks to the wide selections of street food which can be easily located in the east side of the city.

Talented cooks have been moving to London to show their reputation. As a result, the number of high quality restaurants and bars is increasing rapidly, which offers tourists unlimited options for food and drink. Some of the most famous dishes and drink that travelers have to try in London are Fish & Chips, Eton Mess, Pie & Mash, Puddings, cream tea, cider, et cetera.


Barcelona is the food center of Spain which has a great influence to the culinary culture of Europe. It is very famous for fresh seafood and family’s tapas. The city also owns many Michelin-starred and money-for-value restaurants that offer the best food in the region. Tourists are provided with numberless kinds of meat, bacon, tapas, fish daily caught from the Mediterranean Sea, traditional dish from Catalan- Barri Gotic, and other fresh products in the markets that have a reasonable price.

San Sebastian-Spain

San Sebastian Cuisine

Used to be a resort of Spanish royals, San Sebastian truly deserves being called- the culmination of European cuisine. Although the city is small, it owns several Michelin-starred restaurants, and two of them are included in top twenty best restaurants in the world. One of the factors that make San Sebastian food highly recommended is the freshness of daily food. With the interference of harbor cultures, San Sebastian cuisine is very diverse and has thousands of flavors as well as ways of cooking.

Small pubs here offer everything, from traditional to modern dishes, with a fairly reasonable price. In addition, there are many markets selling a wide selection of food ingredients and often organizing street culinary events with delicacies such as foie gras, BBQ beef tenderloin, sausages, hams, traditional fried egg from Seville, et cetera.


Copenhagen Hot Dog

This capital city of Denmark not only attracts tourists for its beautiful landscapes and amazing green spaces in the heart of the city, but also is very charming for its diverse and special food culture. Copenhagen has the best cafés in Europe. Restaurants here were designed with a classical style where tourists can enjoy many dishes from pork, licorice cream, beetroots, or seaweed. Amass is one of the restaurants in Copenhagen that is worth to try.

Polse sausages are very popular in Copenhagen. They are made from ground pork mixed with nutmeg or mustard, which creates a very special and tasty flavor. People enjoy Polse sausages with tomato sauce, mustard, fried onion, ground potato, or pickles. In Denmark, eating sausages along with drinking traditional Danish beer is a pleasure.

The world’s food trend is constantly changing everyday, which provides tourists with many interesting and surprising experiences. Each country has its own unique and delicate culinary culture. If you love discovering cultures through cuisine or simply want to enjoy the best food when traveling to European countries, above are six food paradises in Europe that are highly recommended by tourists all around the world.