If you have a chance to travel to Europe, remember to visit France. This romantic city is not only well- known for poetic sceneries and magnificent architectures, but it is also named as “the cradle of Europe cuisine”. Indeed, the reputation of French food has been spreading out throughout the world. Dishes are prepared in a unique and fancy way. Using wine and alcohol in processing and tasting food is a special feature of French cuisine, which makes their food flavors become very moreish. French are gourmets and they pay a lot of attention to table manners: washing hands before meals, no sounds when eating food, or not using toothpicks in front of people, et cetera. In other words, French cuisine is an art, a special and beautiful one.t

Breads in Daily Life


French boasts their food culture, the delicacy of enjoying cuisine. From breakfast to dinner, they always care about contents, nutrition, preparation, even the way of eating.

In France, breads are very popular in daily meals, especially the baguette, a long thin crusty loaf of bread. Traditionally, it is often cut in half and served with jam, pâté, cheese, or hot chocolate drink. Ordinarily, people call all French breads “baguette”, as a common name; however, there are other kinds of well- known traditional bread such as brioches, sesame breads, black breads, et cetera. According to French food law, there are only four ingredients in a bread: water, flour, yeast, and regular salt. If there are other ingredients used in making breads, they must be called by other names.

French breads were born from Austria in the 19th century. At that time, Austrian authority did not allow everyone to work before 4AM, so bakeries did not have enough time to bake round breads for the breakfast. That is why the long thin baguette was born to solve this problem. It is prepared and baked quickly and easily.



France is one of the countries that have the highest cheese consumption rate in the world.  There is a French saying “Un fromage par jour de l’année” which means “One type of cheese per day all year long”. For French, cheese is regarded as a dessert. After the main courses, they will enjoy crispy breads served with cheese and red wine.

There are more than 500 types of cheese with different flavors mainly made from cow, sheep, and goat milk. Depending on the tastes, French people may choose different types of cheese for their dessert: the famous Saint-Nectaire made from fresh cow milk of Auvergne, the addicted blue cheese- Roquefort with a strong flavor, the fatty Camembert produced from milk and fruit, the classic and original goat milk cheese- Chevre Chaud covered by breadcrumbs or bacons, and a lot more. However, two common and favorite ones are comet and camembert, which are easy to eat due to their soft smell.

In the cold season in France, enjoying a delicious slice of cheese and tasting a glass of red wine is a topnotch experience.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Foie gras is a great delicacy that appears in any international quality restaurant. Not every cook has the skill to make foie gras properly and not everyone knows how to enjoy this unique dish perfectly.

Geese are raised and looked after following a strict and special regimen in order to exploit the best nutrition in their livers. There are many different dishes prepared from the livers, which can be seen in many qualified restaurants in France. Although we may still find foie gras in some countries, it is not genuine and the taste will never be the same as the French one. Fried foie gras is the most favorite dish in France. Frying fat livers is not easy. It requires a very skillful hand; otherwise, the livers will be broken or burnt. Foie gras is often served with sweat food such as jams or sweat soup for increasing its buttery flavor. Besides, it is perfect for French if they enjoy Foie gras with Sauterne, a white wine made from grapes.


French Wine

France has a long history in producing grape wines among European countries. French considers wine as a special highlight in their food culture. French wines are well- known all around the world for their perfection. Some of the famous wine making regions that have a long- standing origin are Burgundy, Alsace, Provence, Bordeaux, or the Rhone valley. Wine distillation procedures are very meticulous and sophisticated in order to extract every best drop. Each type of wine is produced and preserved very carefully depending on each region’s climate characteristics, each kind of grapes and recipe.

Not only is the production sophisticated, but also enjoying wine is considered as an art that requires careful and delicate attentions. From opening to pouring wine, all have to be perfect. Wine tasters need to use all three smell, sight and taste senses to feel its flavor completely. Thanks to these factors, French wine has gained its popularity in the world and become incomparable.

French people often enjoy wine at lunch or dinner. Particularly, in some formal parties, each course is served with a separate kind of wine. After the meals, they may use brandy, cognac, liqueur, or coffee.

Discovering food culture, especially French cuisine, is definitely a pleasure for every traveler. French dishes have a true European taste which is unique and appetizing. Thanks to the special features in cuisine, France has been acknowledged by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in November, 2010. If you are planning to visit France, you should spend a lot of time in studying French food in advance in order to enjoy and experience this kind of delicate art perfectly.