Thanks to its large area, China is the country that not only has the biggest population in the world, but also owns a diverse and long- standing culinary culture. This beautiful country offers tourists and locals a wide selection of appetizing dishes with unique flavors, which are special and difference by each region throughout China.

Chinese food is the delicate fusion of flavors, colors, tastes, and decoration. It must be ensured to be fresh, clean, fragrant, eye-catching, and enthrall the diners. Besides, the food is also healthy and nutritious due to the combination of fresh ingredients and Chinese traditional medicine herbs. Dishes are processed by a variety of styles such as frying, roasting, boiling, steaming, simmering, and so on. Each style provides different tastes and flavors.

Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck is a popular delicacy of China, especially in Beijing. It is special because of the roast duck’s skin, which is thin, crispy, and has a dark yellow color. Before roasting, the chosen duck is cleaned and marinated with malt, red vinegar, sugar, salt, and five tastes. Moreover, the firewood used to cook it must be from camphor trees so that its aroma can be absorbed into the meat.

In most restaurants, the skin and the meat are served separately. Diners can roll the skin and vegetables with rice papers, and enjoy them with sauce. The meat may be fried with rice and the bones will be boiled to make soup.

Wonton Soup

Chinese Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup (Hun Dun) is one of the tourist-favorite dishes in China. Because each region has different cultures and customs, there are various types of Wonton Soup. Quality Wonton Soup must have 4 requirements: Firstly, the wrapper of the Wontons must be thin so that diners can see the fillings inside but still tough enough to keep them from being torn apart. Secondly, ground meat and shrimp in the center must be fresh and done to a turn in order to keep its sweet flavor and freshness. Thirdly, the noodles must be yellow style, thin and slightly tough. Lastly, the soup must be clear like water but still have moreish taste of simmered bones.

Mapo Doufu

Sichuan Mapo Doufu

Sichuan Mapo Doufu with its typical spicy flavor is very well-known among tourists from all around the world. It has become one of the best delicacies of Chinese cuisine. The ingredients include fresh Doufu (a soft cheese-like food made from an extract of soybeans), minced meat cooked with special spices of Sichuan. Its flavor is the subtle fusion of fat Doufu, slightly spicy Sha Cha sauce (made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilis, brill fish, and dried shrimp), and the aroma of sesame oil. Mapo Doufu is highly recommended for every tourists visiting China.

Yeung Chow Egg-Fried Rice

Yeung Chow Egg

Not only in China, Yeung Chow Egg-Fried Rice is one of the most famous dishes in the word because it is delicious, cheap and easy to make. Almost every Chinese restaurant throughout the world offers this delicacy as a main course.

Yeung Chow Egg-Fried Rice was invented by Yi Bingshou from Chinese Qing Dynasty in 1754. The ingredients vary from rice, eggs, shrimp, Lap Cheong (Chinese sausage), onions carrots, and other kind of vegetables. Besides, it is often served with thousand fish soup.



In China, Wonton is considered as a Chinese traditional long-standing dish that is very popular among locals and tourists. It is specially cooked in Lunar New Year as a symbol of luck and family’s reunion. No matter what happens, all family members must gather together around the table to enjoy Wonton in the New Year holiday.

The main ingredients for making Wonton are white rice and glutinous rice. Chinese believes these two kinds of rice will bring a lot of luck to their live. Like a dumpling, Wonton

Like a dumpling, Wonton is made by sealing fillings inside a wrapper. The most common filling is ground pork, beef, chopped carrots, and mixed spices. Its form can be various but semicircle is the most popular. Wonton is served with sauce or Wonton Soup.

Spring Roll

Guangdong Fried Spring Roll

Spring Roll is Guangdong’s specialty. It is well-known all around Asia as well, and has different ingredients or cooking styles in other countries. It is made from sliced pork, boiled shrimp, fresh vegetables, mangos, carrots, and Doufu. Additionally, butter, pineapples, mint leaves, and parsley can also be used for preparing Spring Roll.

Traditionally, cooks wrap all the above ingredients into rice paper sheets and fried them. They can also be used directly without other processing methods.

Chow Mein

Chow Mein

As one of the people’s popular specialties of China, Chow Mein is very nutritious and healthy. The main ingredients include noodles, meat, onions, carrots, and other kinds of fresh vegetables. In addition, Chow Mein can be fried with eggs or seafood for providing different experience to tourists.

In China, this appetizing dish is served at any restaurant, from street food to premium quality ones. In spite of being cooked with a lot of oil, Chow Mein is very alimental, delicious, and attractive

Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is one of the traditional delicacies originated from Sichuan, China. It is also very common and offered by Chinese restaurants in the United State of America and Europe. Its flavor is quite spicy due to the hot peppers in the ingredients. Other components are chicken and peanuts.

Traditionally, Kung Pao is cooked with chicken as the main ingredient. Afterwards, with the endless creativity of cooks in China, pork, beef, and seafood are also used to process Kung Pao. However, Kung Pao Chicken is still considered as the most favorite dish by locals and tourists.