A trip to another country will never be completed if you have not tried the best cuisine there. Street food is a part of a country’s culture. It is cheap, simple, and convenient but no less tasty. Tourists can find street food everywhere in the world. However, which ones are the best and worth to try? Below are 6 chosen cities for their best street food.


Diverse Culinary Culture

Just like culture, Turkey cuisine is really rich and unique. It is a wonderful fusion of the best flavors from Central Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, and Balkan. Street food in Istanbul partly reflects the lifestyle of locals. It can be located and enjoyed everywhere in the city. There is a wide selection of street cuisine offering for every food lovers. From sandwiches, Simits and sausages to Lahmacun and beer, Istanbul is regarded as the food center of the world. Although most dishes here are fresh and clean, enjoying well-cooked meat or seafood is required to ensure food safety.

Spice markets in Eminönü and Küçük Pazar are the popular locations for best Istanbul street food. Some typical dishes are Misir fried corn, cheese Borek, Kokoreç grilled lamb skewer, and Turkey pizza- Lahmacun.


Jamaa el Fna Square

Colorful and full of flavors, that is how tourists describe the incomparable street food of Marrakesh. Every night, street vendors turn Jamaa el Fna square into a giant outdoor restaurant offering hundreds kinds of appetizing grilled and stewed meat. Being cleaned and inspected regularly, the square boasts providing the most fresh and hygienic food for everyone. Besides, there are other worth-to-try dishes such as Ghoulal snail soup, B’stilla pigeon meat, Chebakia sesame biscuits, or Ma’qooda rounded fried potato. With lively traditional markets, varied street cuisine and friendly locals, Marrakesh deserves to be one of the best street food locations to be discovered.


The Street Food of Singapore

Singapore is one of the cities that have the cleanest and most diversified street food in the world. This is a laudable result from strict government’s regulations for selling food on the street. Instead of opening poor food stalls everywhere in the city, street vendors gather in specific areas or owners serve street food in front of their quality restaurants.

Therefore, tourists can find and enjoy Singaporean street cuisine easily without worrying about food origin or hygiene. Even the rich locals are also attracted by these street food kiosks.

In this amazingly developed city, you will see long lines of locals and tourists are waiting for having Hainan chicken rice or Tulang soup. Maxwell Food Center, located in the center of Chinatown, is the ideal location for your food passion with more than 100 food stalls offering hundreds of local specialties. Another neighboring address is Hong Lim Food Center, which is well-known for serving mouthwatering spicy dishes and seafood noodles. Hainan chicken rice, Tulang soup, Bak Chor Mee and Min Chiang Kueh are delicacies that every tourist must try when visiting Singapore.


Food Trucks

Food diversity and safety are the factors that make Sydney become one of the best tourist attractions for street food in the world. Food stalls and vehicles must follow strict food regulations of the local authority, and hygiene inspections happen very regularly. For this reason, overeating is the only worry here.

Unlike food centers in Singapore, street cuisine in Sydney appears all around the city and is offered by food trucks. It may sound crazy but the trucks are always moving and changing location. Thus, the best way to locate street food in Sydney is using the internet or mobile applications.

For noodles or Ramen, Hyde Park night market is the place for you. It has been consider as the best food center in Sydney. There are Asian street delicacies at Cabramatta and Marrickville located in the western side of the city. Some street food that is highly recommended are Fatboy hamburger, Gnocchi lamb potato at Urban Pasta truck, and breads at Marrickville Pork Roll.


Bangkok Grilled Skewers

There is no doubt when saying Bangkok is the city of street food. No need to visit luxury restaurant, tourists can savor all kinds of Thai specialties from snacks to full-courses meal on the street. Meat or seafood skewers are very popular here. Yaowarat street, Chinatown, victory monument, and Sukhumvit night market are locations where travelers can discover their street food passion from. Other famous delicacies in Bangkok are Thai Pad, mango sticky rice, Som Tum mixed salad & chicken, Diew Cha Moo pork skewer and Ping Moo.


Ramadan in Mumbai.

Mumbai is the cradle of Asian culture and the food center of Indian cuisine. The city offers tourists not only its magnificent wonders but also its long-standing street culinary culture. With more than 250,000 street vendors working at every corner of the city, Mumbai is truly one of the perfect locations for street food lovers. When visiting Mumbai, do not forget to try Malpua, spicy tea, potato dumplings, or Tikka grilled chicken. Despite Mumbai’s street food is not really well-known in the world, it is diverse and attracts a large number of locals and tourists everyday. Some locations where tourists can find street food in Mumbai are Juhu beach, local markets, or Rajwadka street.