“You have to taste a culture to understand it”- Deborah Cater

Travelling is a source of great pleasure. People travel to enjoy amazing landscapes and discover new cultures. Besides, cuisine is another reason for a wonderful trip. Food lovers always want to visit places with great varieties of food. Different countries or cities have different food cultures which are unique and special. Below are 6 food paradises in Asia that have been highly recommended by tourists all around the world.

Chai Tow Kuay (Fried Radish Cake)


Singapore is well-known for its food diversity. Tourists can find world’s dishes processed and prepared in variant ways. From time to time, talented chefs have created a unique and modern cuisine culture for this amazingly developed city.

Travelers with a small travel budget can enjoy Malaysian, Chinese and Indian food along the streets. If you want something luxurious, Michelin-starred restaurants with premium drink and food are await you. Some popular dishes that you have to try in Singapore are chicken rice, Chai Tow Kuay, Hokkien Mee, Chui Kueh, and so on.

Tokyo, Japan

Tantanmen Ramen

Tokyo has been considered by tourists as the most popular and interesting food paradise in Asia. The reason why Tokyo has this honor is that the food culture here is diverse, delicate, and mysterious. Unlimited unique, delicious, and well-prepared dishes can be found in this modern city. The number of restaurants in Tokyo has been increasing dramatically: from luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants to small but no less quality ones. With the main focus is making high quality products, tourists can totally put their faith upon the skilled chefs here. Besides the most famous dish of Japan, Sushi, this food paradise also has other mouth-watering dishes such as Tantanmen, Chankonabe hot pot, Tonkatsu cutlets, Okonomiyaki crepes and more.

Bangkok, Thailand

Tom Yum

For food lovers and tourists who want to study and experience world’s cuisine, Bangkok is definitely the city that deserves to be called “food paradise”. It is well-known for the incomparable street food culture, colorful dishes, and hot spices. Strong flavors from hot peppers, lemongrass, galangal roots, et cetera are the great impression that travelers feel when trying Bangkok’s food. The city owns all kinds of restaurant which can please almost every food fan: from street food stalls that serve grilled meat or seafood skewers in Chinatown to famous and luxurious restaurants with sophisticated dishes and top quality drink.
Bangkok is the best place for tourists who love hot and spicy cuisine. Thai hot pot, Tom Yum, and BBQ seafood are the most recommended dishes when visiting this place.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Rice Noodles Soup

The ancient town of Hanoi has been highly rated by tourists for its matchless cuisine. Being the capital of Vietnam, this is an ideal place to discover the balance and harmony of Vietnamese flavors. When visiting this food paradises, tourists should take a street food tour for the complete experience of traditional Vietnamese cuisine: from the most famous rice noodles soup, tiptop Banh Mi to original spring rolls served with meat and vegetables. Each will give travelers unique tastes and flavors. The subtle combination of sourness, spiciness, sweetness, and traditional spices of Vietnam makes Hanoi become one of the best food paradises in Asia.

Jaipur, India

Laal Maas

Jaipur also deserves to be one of the best food paradises in Asia. The “pink city” is especially famous for its novel and delicious cuisine. Jaipur represents for the typical food culture of Rajput, warriors of the Rajasthan region. They governed it until 1960s. Hunting and discovering are their daily activities; therefore, grilled dishes are very popular here. The most common one is Laal Maas, hot goat curry served with steamed rice or breads. Other must-to-try dishes in Jaipur are Ghevar, Pyaz ki Kachori, and Ker Sangri.

Chengdu, China

Chengdu Mixed Hot Pot

World’s travelers can enjoy Chinese cuisine in any city of China because the food culture here is very diverse. However, Chengdu must be the most recommended city for the title China’s food paradise. Being the food center of Sichuan, the typical flavors of Chengdu city are hot and spicy, but not less tasty. Incomparable mixed hot pot of lamb, duck, and sliced beef served with fresh vegetables will definitely satisfy all food lovers. Besides, tea and desserts are also popular and enjoyed here.

There are still many food paradises in the world waiting to be discovered, and above are just 6 representatives of Asia. Remember! The best way to understand a culture is to taste it.